Presents: Economic Empowerment & Pay Equity for Black Women Recording and Resources

In commemoration of Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, join Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President & CEO at, led an inspiring and candid conversation with policymakers, investors, and experts on, “Economic Empowerment & Pay Equity for Black Women,” on August 13.

Our expert panelists for this conversation included:

Black Founder Startup Greene
The State of Black Women in Corporate America
US Senator from California Dianne Feinstein Greene
Why closing the wage gap matters
Decide if you are ready to run for office
Equity Crowd Funding
Invest in tech startups Greene
Investing with Backstage Arora
Against The Odds: Underrepresented Founders Report Positive Outlook on Business Despite Extra COVID-19 Pressures
Reports from Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap Arora
Joe Biden’s racial equity platform Webster
Article from The Atlantic about baby bonds Arora
Study that looked at the Miami metro population by ethnicity Savaiano

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