Diversity in Action Highlights Two Abie Winners and Their Impactful Work

Looking for some inspiration? Check out the latest edition of Diversity in Action, which features two of our Abie Award winners!

Learn about the work of Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam, Winner of the 2019 Social Impact Abie Award, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer while in graduate school. Drawing on this experience, Nimmi developed a portable cervical cancer screening device along with a suite of technological solutions — designed for women, by women. (See pages 16-17.)

Jhillika Kumar, Winner of the 2019 Student of Vision Abie Award, similarly drew on her own experiences when creating her hiring platform, Mentra. Growing up with an autistic brother made Jhillika determined to raise awareness about the abilities of the autistic community and educate everyone about disability rights. She built Mentra to as a way for those on the autism spectrum to find jobs and for organizations to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces. (See pages 18-19.)

Read the full Diversity in Action issue and learn more about our Abie Awards!