The Larger Problem Within the Tech Industry

Google has fired employee James Damore, who wrote an essay on why he believes women do not belong in the tech field. However, it is clear Google still has a long way to go to create a safe and inclusive environment for women in tech. Elizabeth Ames, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Alliances, and Programs at, spoke with KCRW about Damore’s essay as well as the larger problem of unconscious bias within the tech industry.

“I think that this manifesto this internal employee wrote shows what the real problem is here: that there are entrenched biases that people are sticking with,” Elizabeth said. “When you put forth that kind of bias, you’re basically saying you’re prejudging every candidate that walks in the door. I don’t think any of us want to be prejudged based on our gender… I think we want to be judged on if we’re capable of doing the work.”

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