Commitment to Diversity Yields Tangible Results for CA Technologies

Commitment to Diversity Yields Tangible Results for CA Technologies

CA Technologies Increases Candidate Diversity through its Diverse Slate Program

At CA Technologies, diversity of thought, background, and experience are known drivers of meaningful business outcomes. To drive results in the area of workforce diversity, the company made a strong commitment to increase the number of women in technical roles. The NYC-based software giant —and partner—has its sights set on overturning the status quo when it comes to building a gender diverse technical workforce.

And it’s already seeing results. CA’s 11,500-strong workforce in 36 countries reports a high level of satisfaction, with women scoring higher than men on 80 percent of the company’s key drivers of engagement in a recent survey.

Conceived of and sponsored by Beth Conway, Vice President of Human Resources for North America, CA’s Diverse Slate Program seeks to ensure that each candidate slate presented by the talent acquisition team to hiring managers includes a woman, a person of color, a veteran, or an individual with disabilities. CA Technologies rolled out the Diverse Slate Program across the US in 2013.

“Casting a wide net and presenting hiring managers with more diverse candidate pools is not only the right thing to do, but also vital to building a more diverse workforce to enhance our ability to compete in the global marketplace,” said Conway.

The Diverse Slate Program is part of a larger campaign focused on “Brilliant Women Powering Brilliant Technology,” which has been prominently featured in CA literature and used to start discussions with candidates around the world.

“Our ability to attract top talent must be approached with a fresh eye—using approaches that are practical, thought-provoking, modern and relevant in our local markets,” said Meagan Gregorczyk, who leads the company’s employee branding and Diversity and Inclusion efforts. “Diversifying our workforce is key in our collective ability to produce transformative customer solutions that make a difference in the world.”

Success of the Diverse Slate Program is measured by improvement in the percentage of diverse candidate pools—and the effort is yielding tangible results. A more diverse pipeline of applicants increased the number of job offers extended to female recipients – without delaying the recruitment process. In January of 2015, for example, nearly 90 percent of job offers for Associate Software Engineers went to women recruited on college campuses.

Overall, by the end of 2014, the company had improved its slate diversity 9 percent year over year, with 70 percent of its candidate slates qualifying as diverse. Looking ahead, CA will continue to enhance the recruitment process. CA recently implemented a formal guideline for interview panel diversity, with a goal of including at least one woman and/or minority as a panelist during the interview process. At CA, the combination of more diverse candidate pools and a company-wide emphasis on diversity of thought is helping to build and strengthen the company’s talent pool.

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