Carolina Moreira Oliveira

Carolina Moreira Oliveira

Brazilians in Tech

Brazilians in Tech is the first Brazilian platform to gather relevant information on Science and Technology and provide resources to Brazilian women studying and working in STEM. The platform was created to welcome and encourage women to pursue their academic and professional paths in STEM.

The main purpose of Brazilians in Tech is to promote the idea that anyone can inspire the next generation, giving visibility to projects and achievements of women in STEM, regardless of their work (locally or nationally). Also, it is important that girls and women from all regions of Brazil have access to information to aid in being successful in whatever they choose.

The platform was designed based on the pillars of Visibility, Networking, Connection, and Growth. Visibility in promoting and showcasing women thriving in the Science, Technology, and Engineering areas in Brazil, serving as an inspiration to other girls. Our platform enables the networking and exchange of knowledge and ideas among the participants, providing connection, and a sense of belonging. Through visibility, networking, and connection, along with the initiatives in professional development, we are building and empowering girls and women who are part of the community and helping them grow in their careers within STEM. One of our programs offers professional development opportunities through workshops, panels, and talks organized with partner companies.

Aligned with our purpose, Brazilians in Tech offers the resources to encourage, connect, and empower Brazilian women studying and working in STEM. The connection between women in STEM is essential to promote collaboration and strengthen the idea that everyone belongs to STEM. We want Brazilians in Tech to be the starting point for finding projects, events, workshops, scholarships, inspirational stories, and more!