’s Curriculum Series

GHCI India2’s curriculum modules
 provide career guidance to women technologists by connecting them with each other and the resources they need. Learn how you can further your career in computing and technology!

Complete a quick survey for each curriculum module to access its content. Once you’ve downloaded the modules, you’ll be able to explore videos, tips, resources, and interactive exercises on each module’s specific topic. Check out what topics we offer below.

Decoding the Technical Interview

Technical interviews can be daunting, which is why we offer videos, advice, and collaborative activities to help you land the job. We cover a range of topics, including videoconferencing, pair programming, and whiteboard strategies.

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Designing Your Career In Computing

Map out your many possible career paths in computing, and learn persistence strategies to help you succeed. This module also provides persistence strategies to help you succeed and stay in the field.


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Getting the Interview

You did everything right — you sent your resume with a cover letter, filled application forms, posted your profile online, and researched the company. But how do you actually get the interview? Learn how you can make your resume stand out!


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Sharpening Your Technical Skills

How can you keep up with all the changes in technology? Learn secrets from technology experts on how they keep their skills relevant, and create your own modified learning plan.


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