and Founder Gym have partnered to launch The StartUp!. The StartUp! is a six-part webinar series designed to empower and equip aspiring women founders to build successful tech startups. From acquiring venture funding to growing your business, we’ll cover everything you need to transform your dream startup into a reality!

Paige Hendrix Buckner, Program Director for Founder Gym, will be the host and moderator for The StartUp! webinar series. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on supporting founders from all aspects of starting and maintaining a successful business.

Interested in participating? Read the webinar descriptions and register below.

The StartUp! – Part 1: Get Your Mind Right

Date: April 14
Featuring: Marah Lidey and Kathryn Minshew

Running a business can be incredibly challenging, especially during uncertain times. Join this webinar to learn tactical tips that will help you establish a daily routine to confidently navigate the turbulent waters of operating a startup. Building a company is never free of its challenges, but if you get your mind right, you’ll be equipped to weather any storm.


The StartUp! – Part 2: Get a Lawyer Who Has Your Back

Date: April 28
Featuring: Bari Williams

A business is a legal entity and in order to comply with regulations, it is mission critical that you have a great lawyer in your corner. From incorporating the business to dividing co-founder equity to establishing contracts and everything else in between, great startup lawyers will ensure both you and your business are protected during every stage of your company’s growth.


The StartUp! – Part 3: Get Your Money Right

Date: May 12
Featuring: Felicia Curcuru

Money is oxygen to a business. Without it your business cannot survive. In this webinar, you will learn the fundamentals of keeping track of your money and understand what actions to take to ensure you never run out. You will also learn bookkeeping and accounting best practices, so that your business is well-positioned for tax season.


The StartUp! – Part 4: Adding Tech Talent to Your Team

Date: May 26
Featuring: Nashlie Sephus

API, Algorithm, and Bugs are all common terms used by software developers. When looking for a CTO, programmers, or other software development talent these terms should be part of the conversation. This webinar will cover the basics of the software development lifecycle and include discussion of information that founders need when scouting talent.


The StartUp! – Part 5: Keep Customers Coming Back For More

Date: June 9
Featuring: Holly Liu

Holly LiuYour end users’ interactions with your product are important to understand and consider early on in your development process. These interactions encompass their emotions, attitudes, and can inform the design of your product. Understanding your user’s experience is important for your success and can lead to a high-quality interaction and customer engagement with your product.


The StartUp! – Part 6: Get Money to Grow Your Business

Date: June 23
Featuring: Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Dixon

Money is oxygen to a business. Without it, your business cannot survive. In this webinar, you will discover different ways you can generate money for your company. From selling customers, to forming partnerships, to pitching investors, to leveraging capital from a job, to tapping into personal relationships — there are so many creative ways to bring in money to scale your business.


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