Abie Award FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the Abie Awards! Here are some frequently used Abie Award terms along with some frequently asked questions to help you better understand this program.


Nominee The Nominee is the individual who is being considered for an Abie Award.
Nominator The Nominator is the individual who is completing and submitting the submission form on behalf of the Nominee. Nominators should be able to provide a well-rounded view of the impact of the nominee’s work and impact on the community. For the Student of Vision Abie Award, Nominees always self-nominate (no additional nominator).
Abie Award Winner An Abie Award Winner is an individual that the selection committee has identified as the Abie Award recipient after reviewing submissions. Each year, we select a total of five Abie Award Winners.
Recommender A Recommender is an individual who writes a letter of recommendation on behalf of the Nominee. Each submission requires two letters of recommendation.
Submission Form The Submission Form is the online form that the Nominator uses to share information about the Abie Award Nominee with the selection committee. Each Abie Award has its own Submission Form.


Below are the most frequently asked questions about the awards.

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