Student of Vision Abie Award

Nominations are closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted!

The Student of Vision Abie Award honors young women dedicated to creating a future where the people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies for which they build. Undergraduate or graduate students may self-nominate for the Student of Vision Abie Award. All submitting participants must be 18 years or older by October 1, 2019. Recipients are honored by the technical women’s community at the Grace Hopper Celebration. The award also includes a cash prize of $10,000.

Create a 1-3 minute original and creative video. The video should help viewers understand what your vision is for the future of students like you.

Please note: You must read our Guidelines and Terms and Conditions before sending in your submission.

Want to see what a successful submission video looks like? Check out our submissions from 20172016, and 2015.

Be sure to check out these tips on submitting a successful video by 2017 Award Winner Mehul Smriti Raje.

Past winners of this award include:

  • Chiara Amisola (Undergraduate), Founder and President of Developer’ Society, a global nonprofit that impacts more than 40,000 student developers across Manila, Philippines and beyond.
  • Mehul Smriti Raje (Graduate), ME in Computational Science and Engineering from Harvard, and Founder of Women TechMakers Manipal (WTM), which allows undergrad female students to meet weekly to work on technical experiments
  • Alyssia Jovellanos (Undergraduate), Computer Science student and undergraduate teaching assistant at McMaster University, and Outreach Instructor in the program Software: Tool for Change, which exposes girls and other underrepresented minorities to computer science.

Meet our 2018 winner.

The Student of Vision Abie Award recognizes and celebrates an undergraduate or graduate student who has a unique vision of how technology innovation can solve important problems, and how inspiring more women in technology enables meaningful innovation.

The Student of Vision is passionate about impactful technologies or inspires others to help build them.

At, we believe technology innovation powers the global economy, and that women are crucial to building technology the world needs. What’s your perspective?

We seek productions that bring to life your vision and pose unique, thought-provoking ideas.

Selection Process

Each submission will be judged by the selection committee on:

  • The extent to which the video inspires, teaches or demonstrates the vision in a memorable way
  • Showcases the potential of technology
  • Clarity
  • Originality

Supporting Documents

You will need to submit:

  • At least two letters of reference, one of which is from one of your professors
    • Recommenders should be chosen to represent a range of perspectives and institutions and provide additional insights or evidence of the candidate’s impact. Each letter should focus on the accomplishments which the endorser can attest to and place in context.
  • Your biography (maximum of 500 words)
  • CV or resume
  • Landscape orientation high resolution photograph of yourself (minimum of 5MB JPG)
  • Description of your video submission (maximum of 800 words)
  • Low-resolution video. Please provide a URL or upload a low resolution version of your video in MP4, MPG, MOV, or AVI format. Selected finalists must provide a HD ProRes Video with a 16 x 9 aspect ratio.


  • September 24, 2018: Nomination open
  • February 13, 2019: Nominations close at 5 p.m. PT