Changing Policies is Key to Reaching Tech Equity

Intersectional tech equity cannot happen unless leaders focus on improving policies to protect the rights of their workers. Unfortunately, decisions such as the announcement that the EEOC would no longer collect pay data threaten any progress made in closing the pay gap. That is why we at are asking tech companies to join us in the fight for gender parity and to follow our policy and advocacy agenda. We’ve come up with four pillars that are crucial to our goal of 50/50 by 2025, and offer programs such as BRAID and Top Companies for Women Technologists that allow organizations to engage with us and improve their own policies.

“By creating a foundation of policy priorities rooted in robust and intersectional data and built on what’s important to women technologists and their allies, works toward a future where women are leading the creation of ethical technology and compensated equally for their contributions,” said Dr. Stephanie Rodriguez, Vice President of Policy and Engagement at “Corporate policies and thoughtful legislation are critical to ensuring the technology ecosystem builds a culture in which diverse talent can incubate and thrive.”

Read Stephanie’s full article for The Hill.

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