Coffee with Coaches – Mental Wellness Part 3

On Thursday, January 20 from 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. IST (Indian Standard Time), we are hosting the third part of “Coffee with Coaches – Mental Wellness.”

We kick-started this mental wellness series in November 2021 and are pleased to provide unique topics from an amazing coach to support mental wellness and stress release.

The third session focuses on a different topic, so even if you missed the previous two sessions, you can still register to attend.

For part 3 of the series, attendees will learn the key concepts of empathy, sympathy, and gratitude. In understanding how the right usage of the three can improve one’s brain functionality, attendees can better adapt to stressful situations.

Here are some topics that will be discussed:

  • How to empathize with somebody and not feel like you are giving up something.
  • How to cultivate gratitude. How it optimizes the brain functionality.
  • When to sympathize with others and its relevance.

Meet Your Coach

Sangeetha Sangeetha Balachandar has been seeking ways to unlock human potential. For over a quarter of a century, she has worked to bring the best out of the people. A certified coach on positive intelligence, Sangeetha believes that every human has an infinite potential waiting to be unleashed. Sangeetha is a post-graduate in Human Resources and has held several leadership positions in multinational organizations for over a decade.

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