The Women in Tech Election Toolkit is Now Live

The field of candidates vying for a role in our local, state, and federal governments in the 2020 election cycle is crowded. There’s a lot of noise and it can often feel like the issues being discussed aren’t the ones that have the most impact on our lives. That’s why we’re excited that our Women in Tech Election Toolkit is now live.

In the Toolkit, you’ll find key messages that support policies that lead to intersectional gender equity in the technical workforce and templates ready for you to use to engage candidates in the topics that you care about this election cycle. No matter your comfort level or interest in engaging, there is a way for your voice to be heard, whether that’s encouraging your friends and family to vote on social media or attending a town hall to engage your local officials. With this Toolkit, you can make sure the things impacting your career, family, and life are part of the conversation, no matter if you decide to do it by writing a letter-to-the-editor or posting to Instagram.

Why it Matters

At, we know that we cannot achieve intersectional gender and pay equity in tech by 2025 without institutional change. We know that an intersectional lens is critical; it is a way of thinking about multifaceted identities, their relationship to power, and the related compounding effects of unconscious bias. The lens allows us to fully acknowledge and tackle the unique societal barriers that impact different, diverse women.

Elections represent one of the greatest opportunities we have as Americans to change the course of public policy in support of the issues we care about. Not only are they our chance to choose lawmakers from diverse backgrounds who will advocate for our priorities, they are also a great way to engage the public in conversations about the challenges that are impacting our lives. We believe technical women and their allies have voices that deserve to be heard. We hope these tools empower you to do just that.

What’s Next

Check out the Women in Tech Election Toolkit now! Try out the different tools and explore the myriad of ways you can make your voice and your issues heard this election cycle. We also want to hear from you! Are you planning to attend a town hall, or do you have questions about your letter-to-the-editor? Get in touch at

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