offers programs and resources to help women technologists reach their career goals and create change within the tech industry.

JOBS WITH US staff members are passionate about what women can bring to technology. Join our team in building a brighter future for women in tech.


Do you know or are you a student who is interested in supporting women technologists? We have two student members serve on our Board of Trustees to help us cultivate the next generation of nonprofit board leaders.


Learn which companies are dedicated to promoting diversity. Our national program recognizes organizations committed to building workplaces where women technologists can thrive.

A young woman smiles as she looks at her computer screen at the GCH 16 Open Source Day’s Curriculum Series’s curriculum modules
 provide career guidance to women technologists by connecting them with each other and the resources they need. Learn how you can further your career in computing and technology!

GHC Scholarship Grants finds sponsors to award hundreds of student and faculty scholarships to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration. This once in a lifetime chance, allows academics to connect with other women in computing, hear stories from peers and experts in computing, and get quality career advice specific to their needs. The application process is very competitive.... Read more »