A Look at BRAID in 2020


A Year of BRAID!

What a year it has been! Click here to learn more about this year’s BRAID activities including hosting the first ever virtual BRAID Summit, a popular networking session with BRAID Schools and Funders, and more.

The BRAID Summit




Traditionally, the BRAID Summit is held over three days and is exclusive to members of the BRAID community. However, we made some changes this year and for the first time ever, we opened the third day to a select group of faculty and staff members outside the BRAID community. Between July 15-16, BRAID department chairs heard from the Momentum Team (f.k.a UCLA BRAID Research Team) and their peers about the research and work that is currently being done and what can be improved or worked on in the coming year. On July 17th, we welcomed over 130 faculty and staff members from over 70 organizations or institutions to engage in meaningful conversations around broadening participation and the challenges all academic institutions face heading into the fall. Topics from this day included Prioritizing Equity through Online Instruction: A Conversation with Dr. Justin Reich, Building a Meaningful Experience for Students in the Fall, and Resources for Building Your NSF BPC Plan.



This year we hosted one networking session and one presentation. The networking session welcomed over 430 attendees and was a great way for students from BRAID Schools to meet one another, learn new things from each other and get to know the BRAID Funders. The presentation, titled “Reflections on Six years of BRAID Research” was hosted by Drs. Linda Sax and Kate Lehman and hosted over 100 attendees. During this presentation, Kate and Linda shared what the Momentum team has learned, sharing the latest results and discussing implications of findings for computing departments. Findings related to the progress BRAID schools have made in diversifying computing majors were also shared.


BRAID Research

If you are wondering what the department chairs at the BRAID Schools have been working on during the 2019-2020 school year, stay tuned! We will be publishing the annual report in the coming weeks. Check the BRAID webpage on our website to learn more!

Congratulations to the UCLA BRAID Research Team on launching Momentum: Accelerating Equity in Computing and Technology. To learn more about the Momentum Team and the work they do for BRAID, please click here.

Voices of America



Earlier this year, Voices of America published a video on the impact of BRAID and how the program strives to help women students in tech feel less isolated. Check it out here!

A Special Thank You to Our Funders

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