Webinar #2: Apprenticeships and Internships in a Time of Crisis

Hosted by Brenda Darden Wilkerson, this new series addresses what companies can do to address the impact of COVID-19.

“Webinar #2: Apprenticeships and Internships in a Time of Crisis” features Brenda and several tech leaders discussing internships, apprenticeships, and returnships — alternative pathways to careers in tech that are more important than ever in helping companies advance DEI goals during this unprecedented time.

Watch the full recording below. Make sure to also check out “Webinar #1: Leadership During A Time of Turmoil,” and scroll down to see our list of resources to help you connect, learn, and find support during these difficult times.

Companies hiring and freezing hiringhttps://www.parkerdewey.com/blog/remote-internship-program-tipsEva Lynch
Tips for companies looking to take their internships onlinehttps://www.parkerdewey.com/blog/remote-internship-program-tipsJeffrey Moss
Pro-version of lessons free to studentshttps://www.codecademy.com/Cynthia Osuji
No cost technology training and apprenticeship placementhttps://www.launchcode.org/Crystal Crump
UC Berkeley has a fund to pay for 10+ internships out of an endowment, but the requirement is that student take internships with nonprofits/NGOs.https://career.berkeley.edu/Tools/Sites/SocialImpactRebecca Andersen
Online courses available to any high school or college student interested in pursuing a career in the financial industry. Currently available courses include: Elevator Pitch, Public Speaking, Dress for Success, Financial Literacy, Intro to the Stock Market, Investment Foundations, Investment Philosophies, and Derivatives and Capital Structure.https://greenwoodproject.org/Bevon Joseph
Learn to code, earn certificationshttps://www.freecodecamp.org/Shripad Laddha
Free Ivy League online coursesIVY League linkJennifer Scott
12-week coding programCommunity blogNatasha Green
Online learninghttps://www.udacity.com/Terrance Bowman
Online learninghttps://www.udemy.com/Terrance Bowman
Online learninghttps://teamtreehouse.com/Ryan Carson
Database with opportunities for people with technical skills to help with COVID-19 outreach projectsCOVIDbase linkSusi Burke
Virtual hackathon focused on the climate crisishttps://www.capsulehack.io/Eva Lynch
Online learning, datahttps://www.kaggle.com/Mia Bartlett
Volunteer organization, with engineers, scientists, and doctors around the world dedicated to helping the world address the COVID-19 pandemichttps://www.helpfulengineering.org/volunteer/Susi Burke
Free Treehouse livestreams, led by engineering teachers on different tech topicshttps://join.teamtreehouse.com/treehouse-liveVanessa Harris
List of apprenticeshipshttps://www.apprenticeship.gov/become-apprenticeGabriel Yeager
Volunteer opportunity for male allies for AnitaB.orgCommunity blogNatasha Green
Online surfing programRevolution Balance Boards LinkJackie Copeland
Online surfing programhttps://thesurfcontinuum.com/how-to-surf/Jackie Copeland
Donate to AnitaB.orghttps://anitab.org/Donate/Natasha Green
Offers and customized programs for interns and college hires including building leaders from the grown upN/AKaressa Burris
Podcast with insights on putting first time experiences into perspectivehttps://brenebrown.com/podcast/brene-on-ffts/Crystal Crump
Alliance geared towards technical or engineering professional women who are seeking to resume their careershttps://reentry.swe.orgJennifer Scott
How to overcome imposter syndromehttps://www.chronicle.com/article/How-to-Overcome-Impostor/244700Juli Green
Organization that supports returnshipshttps://themomproject.com/aboutKim Holmes
Sales engagement toolhttps://www.outreach.io/productRyan Carson
Social media marketing advice bookhttps://www.amazon.com/Jab-Right-Hook-Story-Social/dp/006227306XNatasha Green
Internship opportunities@hiring2020 on TwitterMitali Chakraborty
Virtual salary negotiation webinars for freehttps://www.aauw.org/Susan Paul
Research on technical projects, like own your own data and how to create data structureshttps://squareup.com/us/enJill Fahrenholtz

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