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Transforming the Face of Technology One Image at a Time

At the Grace Hopper Celebration, diversity goes beyond just different ethnicities, sexual preferences and socioeconomic backgrounds. We are diverse in our ideas, perspectives, experiences, creativity and the ways we choose to represent ourselves. A single image can’t capture women in computing, rather it is a mosaic of different images coming together that can capture the power of our community.

GHC and Google have collaborated to create WE ARE…#facesintech, an interactive photo exhibit at the 2015 conference. The installation provides people the opportunity to create and add their own portraits. Participants are able to add their portraits unaltered or have their portraits stylized in one of three “looks” designed by three celebrated female data artists. Portraits are shared with users via email or text, and can also be shared through social media.

Whether you made it to GHC 2015 or not, be sure to check out #facesintech on social media and some of the best images in our gallery here.