Aarthi Subramanian’s New Role is a Victory for Women in Tech

Many people blame India’s lack of women in technology on the leaky pipeline. Married women often feel pressured to leave the field and stay at home, while other women are discouraged by the lack of promotion. To see someone such as Aarthi Subramanian enter a high position in the tech field is therefore a major victory for Indian women in tech. Aarthi recently accepted the position of Chief Digital Officer, a role traditionally held by men, at the Tata group, India’s largest conglomerate.

“We have to break 6,000 years of culture, and it is extremely gratifying to see Aarthi Subramanian being given a major responsibility,” said Geetha Kannan, managing director of India. “Role models like her will change the way many organizations see women in the tech space.”

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