Mentions Helps Chicago’s Women Technologists launched ABI.Local, a network of local communities, as a way to connect women technologists outside of the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). “We wanted to… continue that feeling of feeling inspired and knowing you’re not the only person like that out there,” said Elizabeth Ames,’s senior vice president of marketing, alliances and programs. One of the communities, located in Anita Borg’s hometown of Chicago, strives to continue Anita’s mission to connect and promote women technologists.

“The times I would go out to tech events, they were heavily attended by men,” said La’Shon Anthony, leader of ABI.Chicago. “I knew with this organization, we would be able to highlight the fact that women have a place in the industry.” ABI.Chicago has hosted events such as coding classes, panel discussions, and GHC viewing parties to support and inspire its attendees. We can’t wait to see how this and all of our other communities will grow in the future!

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