Former ABIE Winner Receives BECA Award

As a graduate student, Lydia Tapia suffered two strokes, causing her to lose her vision, mobility, and the use of her arm. Through treatment and rehab, Lydia was able to overcome this obstacle, eventually becoming an assistant professor in computer science at the University of New Mexico and the director of the Adaptive Motion Planning Research Group. Motivated by her experience, Lydia dedicated herself to reaching out to underrepresented minorities in research, including disabled, Native American, Hispanic, and women students.

In recognition of her work and dedication to promoting diversity, awarded Lydia the 2015 Denice Denton Emerging Leader ABIE Award. Now, the Computing Research Association for Women (CRA-W) is presenting Lydia with the 2017 Borg Early Career Award (BECA). This annual award honors women who, like Anita Borg, are dedicated to increasing the participation of women in computing research. Congratulations, Lydia!

Learn more about this award here.