Another ABIE Winner Elected to National Academy of Engineering

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE), one of the most prestigious groups an engineer can belong to, elected Chieko Asakawa as one of its latest members. Chieko, the 2011 Winner of the Technical Leadership ABIE Award, has been blind since age 14, and developed pioneering technology for assisting the visually impaired. Other women in tech who have received NAE membership include Rear Admiral Grace Hopper as well as 10 ABIE Award Winners. See the list below for the names of these ABIE Winners and when they received NAE membership.

Read the full article from Carnegie Mellon University — Robotics Institute.

ABIE Winners Who are NAE Members

Fran Allen – 1987
Ruzena Bajcsy – 1997
Elaine Weyuker – 2002
Mary Jane Irwin – 2003
Leah Jamieson – 2005
Deborah Estrin – 2009
Laura Haas – 2010
Helen Greiner – 2013
Radia Perlman – 2015
Kristina Johnson – 2016