Crowdfunding Program Sends Students to GHC

For the fourth year in the row, female students from Temple University will attend the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), each receiving a $1,000 scholarship to cover travel costs and registration fees. While it is always inspiring to see schools support GHC, the story behind how these scholarships are funded each year is even more incredible. The Temple University community raises money through OwlCrowd, the university’s crowdfunding program, relying on the generosity of students, alumni, and other donors.

Claudia Pine-Simon, a computer and information sciences instructor at Temple University, is thrilled with just how many people have donated through OwlCrowd. She is excited to be sending her students to GHC, calling it a “life-changing” event as many students interview with big tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, and even receive job offers from them. GHC also provides students with the support and confidence they need to pursue careers in tech.

“When you see 18,000 successful women in this field, it can’t help but change your outlook about not only yourself, but the world,” Claudia said.

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