Qualcomm Implements Leadhership1 to Promote Diversity

In the 20 years that Vicki Mealer-Burke has worked for Qualcomm, she has done a lot to promote diversity and inclusion. Vicki helped developed the company’s Executive Women’s Leadership Development program as well as Qualcomm’s Women’s Leadership Council. Now, as Qualcomm’s Chief Diversity Officer, Vicki plans to implement a new diversity program: Leadhership1.

Leadhership1 is an program designed to engage and retain rising women technologists within a company. The program offers coaching sessions to participants to help them build their skills and confidence. Thomson Reuters, the first organization to implement Leadhership1, saw positive results after embracing the program, and Vicki is excited to see Leadhership1 create similar change in her own company.

“I want to ensure the best and brightest rise to the top, and establish escalation paths for top performers and those with high potential,” Vicki said. “I want to attract the brightest minds and the most innovative people to carry on our legacy of terrific innovation for the next 30 years. And I want to make sure that, if she chose to, my daughter could get a job here and have a wonderfully fulfilling career.”

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