Telle Whitney on the Impact of Google’s Anti-Diversity Essay

Although many people agree with Google’s decision to fire James Damore, the employee who wrote an anti-diversity essay explaining why he feels women should not be in the tech field, others deemed the punishment was too harsh. However, many experts told the media that Damore’s memo created a toxic and hostile work environment for women technologists—a critical problem, given that only 20% of Google employees are female.

Telle Whitney, President and CEO of, spoke with NPR on the significance of the anti-diversity essay, and why firing Damore was the right action to take.

“[T]his memo had a huge impact on the women at Google as well as women who would be considering coming to Google,” Telle said. “You’ve always got to make the trade off between having an impact on the single individual and the message you send to the tens of thousands of employees.”

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