Uber’s New Partnership is Not a Suitable Solution

Uber recently pledged $1.2 million to the nonprofit organization Girls Who Code, with Uber’s new chief brand officer joining the organization’s board. However, most feel that this gesture is not enough. Uber is under fire for its appalling treatment of women technologists, which was exposed by former Uber employee Susan Fowler in her now-famous blog post. ended our partnership with Uber soon after Fowler’s blog post was released. “We require our partners to take action to improve the retention and advancement of women technologists,” explained our CEO and President Telle Whitney.

“We love to see people make investments in organizations like Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, Girl Develop It — all of those organizations are worthy of investment,” said Elizabeth Ames, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Alliances, and Programs at “But, we also think it is no substitute for fixing the problems with Uber.” Uber must focus on changing its own culture if they truly wish to advocate for women in tech.

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