Systers Helping Systers: Kate Kharitonova Awarded Scholarship

On June 18, 2013 a message was sent to the Systers list about multiple scholarships currently available for college students. Jennifer Rutt, senior director of engagement at AfterCollege and member of the Systers list made the post because she knew the scholarships could be a great resource for Systers members who are in school or the word could be spread by list members to others in need.

Convincing Your Boss to Fund Your Trip to GHC

Whether the Grace Hopper Celebration is an annual destination for you and your team or it’s your first year and you’re developing a budget approval strategy , time is short. To help you find your way, take and reshape the template below to suit your needs. And if your manager still won’t make it rain - do what it takes to get to the Minneapolis Convention Center October 2-5, starting with posting your papers in our resume database…