News Encourages Community to Join Time’s Up Tech

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At the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration Closing Keynote, President and CEO Brenda Darden Wilkerson joined Former CTO of the United States Megan Smith to announce the launch of a new branch of the Time’s Up movement: Time’s Up Tech. Megan and Brenda invited all GHC attendees and everyone watching on the livestream broadcast to integrate their skills — technology, innovation, data analytics, or otherwise — into this growing movement.

“Brenda has a vision that the / GHC community could be an incubating place for what becomes Time’s Up Tech,” said Megan. “We want to build this community together.”

At, we’re encouraging all members of our community to sign up for Time’s Up Tech, and to volunteer time to support the organization’s infrastructure and growth.

Backstage, Megan also shared a little more about Time’s Up Tech’s founding goals:

Goal 1: Technologists and innovators will begin working within existing Time’s Up workstreams, using technology to better share information, collaborate, and solve challenges. (Imagine dashboards, data science, APIs, common tools and platforms, AI for equality and justice, and more.)

Goal 2:  Time’s Up Tech will unite women from the tech industry who want to work on safety, equity, and dignity within the tech world.

The Time’s Up movement was founded in January 2018 by entertainment-industry leaders in response to pervasive sexual assault, harassment, and inequality. The organization’s mission statement insists on safe, fair, and dignified work for women of all kinds. With affiliates and partners across key industries and geographies, Time’s Up works to engage a broader network of working women to drive transformation. Time’s Up has convened networks of women in entertainment, advertising, press, and venture capital — and now tech — as well as those in other industries who are actively meeting and organizing. The organization’s legal defense fund provides subsidized legal services for individuals subjected to workplace sexual harassment and abuse.