Sara Berkai

Sara Berkai

Ambessa Play

Sara will run a series of STEM workshops for refugee children whose lives have been interrupted and therefore are out-of-school. These workshops will take place in either Eritrea and/or Ethiopia, for young women.

Sara designed a curriculum for offline teaching in case there is no internet access and plans to train female teachers, so the workshops are sustainable and she is not needed. All equipment will also be left with the teachers to continue to run workshops, making it long-lasting.

Last May, she sourced $4K worth of tech resources to run a voluntary STEM workshop in East Africa. She conducted STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) workshops for 20 teachers and 300 students in Eritrea. The workshops were well received and students who had never used a computer before left with career ambitions to become an engineer.

Sara graduated with first-class honors from the University College London and spent her undergraduate studies trying to understand how we can democratize technology. She wrote her dissertation on the digital divide and with every internship experience, volunteered in an education technology role.

Sara was awarded ‘Young ICT Leader’ by the UN’s International Telecommunications Union in 2019 and is eager to provide more learning experiences for children who are out-of-school.

She is currently studying for her master’s degree in Child Development at the University of Oxford, which focuses on the influence of technology/hands-on physical computing on a child’s self-efficacy.

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