ThoughtWorks Proves its Ongoing Dedication to Women in Tech

ThoughtWorks Proves its Ongoing Dedication to Women in Tech is proud to offer Top Companies for Women Technologists, a national program to recognize organizations building workplaces where women technologists can thrive. In 2018, we evaluated 80 companies, accounting for more than 628,000 women technologists across a variety of fields. Top Companies is the only program that provides a consistent benchmark of the technical workforce across a wide range of industries.

Our three awards are based on technical workforce size — less than 1,000 employees, 1,000 to 10,000 employees, and more than 10,000 employees. Each of our three winners had the highest overall score in their respective categories.

ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy, had the highest score of our participating companies with a technical workforce of less than 1,000. This is the company’s third consecutive year taking home this honor, proving its deep dedication to supporting women in tech.

Leaders at ThoughtWorks believe in attracting enthusiastic learners who are intellectually curious, and recruiting them based on attitude, aptitude, and integrity. Always evolving, ThoughtWorks continues to explore unique ways to enhance efforts to increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in the workplace.

“ThoughtWorks is honored to be named a Top Companies for Women Technologists Winner for the third consecutive year,” said Dr. Rebecca Parsons, Chief Technology Officer at ThoughtWorks. “The pace of innovation is accelerating, and the time for the tech industry to diversify its talent pool is now. For technologists, all that should matter is knowledge of technology. I look forward to a future when we are all valued for our expertise and not defined by our gender.”

Some of the ways ThoughtWorks is creating a supportive and diverse work environment include:

  • Creating the role of Chief Talent Officer role (currently held by Joanna Parke) to invest and commit to talent development.
  • Hiring from outside computer science disciplines, and recruiting at a variety of different universities.
  • Building upon foundational programs such as ThoughtWorks University, an entry-level program, and First Year Experience, an immersive onboarding program.

We’re proud to recognize ThoughtWorks’s ongoing leadership in supporting women technologists, and to help the company’s leadership quantify their progress toward a more equitable workplace. If you’d like to join the ranks of companies that measure what matters, preregister for our 2019 Top Companies for Women Technologists program. You’ll receive important updates on Top Companies deadlines, and be able to start gathering data for for your submissions Spring 2019.