Pass It On Award Recipients

Shwetal S.

2019 Anita Borg Systers Pass It On Award Winner
Project Title: Erase All Kittens
Country: India

Erase All Kittens is an award-winning start-up that created a platform adventure game o inspire girls to code and teach them professional languages in a story-driven environment. The adventure game is a web-based platform that teaches children, ages 8-14, real programming languages through gamifying the learning process. By developing interest in technology early, this project can provide a new way to help close the gender gap. As players progress, they can edit the code that governs the game environment and learn by building and fixing levels as they play.

Currently, Erase All Kittens teaches basic HTML syntax. As the project continues, it will add CSS and JavaScript in a practical, “learning-by-doing” way, within the context of an immersive story with rich characters, interactive dialogue, and engaging rewards. The long-term goal is to develop all-volunteer coding clubs around the world.

Shwetal is Head of Global Partnerships at Erase All Kittens.  She was named a UN Empower Women “Champion for Change,” a Financial Times Top 100 people in tech, and a Forbes Asia 30 under 30.