The CEO Shop by

Creating Equitable Opportunities

Welcome to The CEO Shop by, where women and non-binary tech CEOs are given the blueprint for executive success.

This is not just a leadership training. The CEO Shop is the only program that teaches you how to effectively run a company as a woman or non-binary tech CEO. Our 3-in-1 world-class program consists of an immersive retreat and training, carefully curated peer groups, and 1-on-1 executive coaching.


Be a Part of the Disruption

The CEO role can be a lonely place where leaders face a steep and unforgiving learning curve. They are forced to upskill themselves on the job when the stakes are high, and missteps can cause painful failures. The CEO Shop by fast tracks CEO success by providing executives with the tools, processes, and skills needed to run a company.

Instead of relying on theoretical case studies, our innovative program creates an exclusive community of leaders facing similar executive challenges. Members learn by sharing, workshopping, and putting tools into practice immediately.

By Creating Equitable Opportunities for women and non-binary CEOs, our impact extends beyond the C-Suite to all levels of the tech ecosystem. The data clearly shows that women hire more women. With only 11% of tech CEOs and Senior leadership roles being held by women, disrupting the top will reshape representation in the industry.

Program Details

The CEO Shop is a yearlong, 3-in-1 program consisting of:

  • Two-day immersive training (all-inclusive; idyllic 150-acre ranch and retreat near Austin, TX)
  • One in-person, all-day meeting each quarter.
  • Two virtual half-days each quarter.
  • Monthly 1-on-1 coaching session with an executive instructor and coach.


  • Fall 2024 Cohort TBC: in-person retreat followed by sessions once a month.


  • This program is designed specifically for women and non-binary tech CEOs and C-Suite executives who are considering the CEO role within two years, in companies with 100+ employees.
  • Carefully curated peer groups of 8-12 members.
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