Reactions to Hidden Figures

Thank you to everyone who went to support the film Hidden Figures!

During the GHC 16 Friday Keynote, the executive producer of Hidden Figures, Mimi Valdes, explained the importance of seeing the movie during its first week of release. “It is really important for people to see this movie the first weekend because Hollywood makes its decisions on whether they will do other movies like this based on the success of that first weekend.”

Hidden Figures tells the true story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, three three African-American who helped develop NASA’s space program. Staff members of went to see the film on opening day, and we were thrilled to see the story of these extraordinary women unfold on the big screen.

We also provided tickets to our some of our communities and asked them to share their reactions to the film. The response from our community members was incredible. Here are just a few examples of their reactions:

We hope this film continues to receive the support and recognition it deserves. Check out the photo gallery below for photos from these viewing events!