Partner Meetings

Our unique partner program includes opportunities to speak with experts and network with your fellow partners. In addition to the Partner Council and our routine Partner Calls, we offer three in-person meetings throughout the calendar year. We choose the topics for each meeting at the beginning of the year based on feedback from our partners during the previous year.

2019 Meetings

Fall Partner Meeting
October 2 — Orlando, FL

2018 Meetings

Spring Partner Meeting
April 26 — San Jose, CA

2017 Meetings

Fall Partner Meeting
October 5 — Orlando, FL

Spring Partner Meeting
April 11 — San Jose, CA

2016 Meetings

Fall Partner Meeting: Retention & Advancement – Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Partnerships
October 20 – Houston, TX
The last meeting of the year takes place at the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). Typically it includes a luncheon with a keynote or panel. We are still creating programming, but the meeting will conclude our three part series on retention and advancement. Our discussion will include solutions to creating gender, racial and ethnic diversity at your organization, with an emphasis on embracing gender partnerships/male allies.

Winter Partner Meeting: Retention & Advancement
March 8 – San Jose, CA

Spring Partner Meeting: Retention & Advancement
May 5 – Santa Clara, CA

2015 Meetings

Curious about our past programming? Check out last year’s meetings.

Winter Partner Meeting: Inclusion
February 26 – San Jose, CA

Spring Partner Meeting: Increasing Representation
May 14 – Santa Clara, CA

Fall Partner Meeting: Successes & Goals
October 15 – Houston, TX

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